Monday, December 14, 2015


I spent part of last week and the weekend up north visiting family. Travel, especially with a small child, can be exhausting, so Sunday night after my son went to bed and we were able to relax for a bit, I thought to check how the Get the Greek Hanukkah giveaway did.
Getting to #1 in Kindle Short Reads for the Humor and Entertainment category isn't so bad, even if it was in the Free section. And #7 in the Religion and Spirituality category! I'll take lucky seven.

Here's another photo:
Yes, it's a free book, and there's nothing easier than giving away free e-books. People often collect free e-books and never read them. Still, I'm pleased with how well the giveaway did, especially for the money I put into marketing it ($0.00). 

So yay me, and thanks to everyone who liked, shared, plus oned, tweeted, re-tweeted, Instagrammed, MySpaced, Tindered, and generally word-of-mouthed my humble effort. It's very much appreciated.

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