Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Links: Bad Apples, Baked Apples, and The Duke of Burgundy

Last week's Friday Links had to be canceled due to multiple family engagements, so I'm making up for it with an extra special Friday Links, just for you.  Yes, you.  Let's get after it:
  • It's been all Bad Apples all the time this week at Nev Murray's Confessions of a Reviewer!!: "So it’s my turn to confess. I have had this on my Kindle since it was released last year and have never gotten around to reading it. I am slapping the back of my hand as I type. Know how difficult that is?"  Read on to find out!
  • Continuing our apples theme, Ghost Hunting Theories showed us some very neat things to do with everyone's favorite fall fruit.
  • The Horror!? delved into early 80's nostalgia by discussing the slasher film My Bloody Valentine: "George Mihalka’s Canadian slasher is one of the handful of entries in the sub-genre I truly love, so it’s no surprise finally getting around to watching the uncut version of the film doesn’t change much about my opinion."
  • Sean Eaton analyzed Edmond Hamilton's The Earth-Brain at his always readable, always trenchant R'lyeh Tribune: "In The Earth-Brain, adventurer Clark Landon has become a human epicenter for unusual earthquakes and seismic activity wherever he travels in the world.  He avoids the interiors of tall buildings and keeps far away from mountains to avoid avalanches.  Cities in Newfoundland, Norway, Russia, Egypt, Italy and other places are ruined as he travels through them, and thousands die amidst the rubble.  He is wracked by guilt and terror—cursed for an act of sacrilege committed a couple of years before."
  • At Jim Mcleod's Ginger Nuts of Horror, Alex Davis tackled the horrific film Aftermath: "The visuals leave little to the imagination, but one thing that is effective in the first half of the movie – and even more so in the second – is the use of sound. The music in the film is used very sparingly, so what we mostly have is a funereal silence (not a word of dialogue spoken by any of the characters) punctuated by the crunching of bone, the squelching removal of organs and the insidious sound of saws and knives cutting through flesh."
  • The Ringmaster's Realm reviewed Wyrmwood - Road of the Dead: "Recently, I have been staying far away from the zombie genre, as many of the films that have been coming out lately seem tired and played out. Fortunately, I am glad that I picked this one, because it took an interesting route outside of the box and created something rather original." (Interested readers can check out my review of Wyrmwood here.)
  • At Zombos' Closet of Horror, Zombos presented the Jungle Woman pressbook, which demands your attention.  Note the name of the actress playing the titular character.
  • The bizarre movie The Duke of Burgundy was an interesting topic of discussion at The House of Self-Indulgence: "I liked how the relationship in this film was two women, as opposed to a man and a woman. What I mean is, I'm glad it wasn't a man dominating a woman; I can't stand maledom. And while it's true, I do prefer femdom. The relationship depicted in this film can't really be classified as "femdom," as it doesn't properly identify who the dominate party is, and both parties are women."
  • Here, I talked about a very good bad guy and described that careful face people sometimes put on.
Illustration by Earl Geier for Call of Cthulhu's Blood Brothers 2 supplement.

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