Thursday, October 29, 2015

Free E-Book for Halloween!

From today through November 1, my novella Dreadedin Chronicles: The Nameless City will be free through Amazon.

Combining themes of Lovecraftian horror, ancient evil, teenage angst, and zombies, it's a short, punchy read that takes place at this time of year: Halloween!  In it, high school sophomore Paige Ashton and college freshman Ryan Kincaid face a terrible horror that seeks to not only consume their town, but the entire world.

The supporting characters were taken from local teen volunteers, and takes place in Dunedin, Florida, home town of Henry S. Whitehead, a horror author and friend of H.P. Lovecraft himself.

I guarantee at least one hour's worth of horrific entertainment with every copy, or your money back! How many YA, PG, non-PC Lovecraftian novellas are you going to read this year?  Pick up your copy today!

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