Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New Reviews of The Blessed Man and the Witch!

The Review Board had mixed reviews of The Blessed Man and the Witch, though it garnered a very respectable 8 out of 10 stars combined.

Some review excerpts include:

"Because the point of view jumps around so much, I found it incredibly difficult to connect with any particular person or event. Also, the weighting was evenly spread, which means that no one person stands out as the main character, but rather they are all given equal weight."

"Dubrow delivers a novel that takes three seemingly disparate genres and smashes them all together like some author’s cruel joke on an unsuspecting literary Humpty Dumpty whose pieces were then somehow put back together in such a way as to make him Super Humpty."

"To tell a story of this nature and not seem cheesy and recycled is worth the read. Sure, we all heard and read stories where Armageddon is coming and a New Earth is about to emerge. Somehow, David Dubrow wrote something special here: he fused Old World (The Bible and Magic) with New World (Modern Day goings on, i.e. drugs, turf wars, nightlife, and the like) pretty seamlessly to tell a story that is NOT convoluted."

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