Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Links: Kane's Wings, A Small Press, and Rock Salt as Glass

It doesn't quite feel like Friday when Monday was a holiday, but a win's a win.  What's been going on?
  • At the remarkably incisive R'lyeh Tribune, Sean Eaton deconstructed the Robert E. Howard story Wings in the Night: "In Wings in the Night, Howard reimagines the Harpies as bloodthirsty, flying humanoids who may share a branch of the evolutionary tree with humans.  Kane encounters them not far from the Slave Coast of Africa, where he has been on the run from some hungry cannibals.  He comes upon a ruined village, and later discovers an African man, tied to a stake, who has been horribly mutilated."  (Note: I have had wings in the night, and have gastrically regretted it the next morning.)
  • A guest post at Ginger Nuts of Horror introduced us to the life of a small horror press: "Now I've hit my two year anniversary Feb 15 of running the horror press, I've decided to share what I call 'the life of a book' or as my friend Steve would put it, 'from tree to leaf'.  Back in the day as a civil servant, I was a Lean Practioner, which is a form of project management.  With every project I undertake, I now, after two years of trial and error, use a Master Schedule, a spreadsheet that lists every task involved in producing a book from start to finish including projected timelines."
  • Castle Vardulon pointed out a production flaw in Scream Park: "If you're wondering why that looks so strange, not unlike an FMV game from the mid-90s, it's because that's some truly iffy bluescreen you're looking at. Its seems that a condition placed on the filmmakers was that they not damage the amusement park's property at all, so this scene proved something of a challenge."
  • Unflinching Eye looked at the movie ABCs of Death 2: "Whether by accident or not, ABCs of Death 2 is an improvement on the first (not to denigrate the first, it's excellent in its own right). Perhaps for the filmmakers involved the original served as a blueprint, allowing them to establish what works and doesn't in what is essentially an experimental format. Whatever the case, ABCs 2 seems to have ironed out some of the kinks that were present in the first."
  • Zombos' Closet of Horror reviewed Snowpiercer: "Snowpiercer (both the train and the movie) can be viewed in many ways: it is a self-sustaining ecosystem; it is an an analog for the perennial polemic of [insert whatever country you like here] social classes pitted against each other; it is a bold statement about humankind's propensity for always turning dire situations into an US or THEM algorithm; it is simply a damn good yarn filled with crazy action, desperate, morally corrupt characters, and a wild visual flair you don't see very often."  (Note: my review of Snowpiercer can be found here for comparison.)
  • There was an update about the horrible Slender Man stabbing: "A private detective working for the defense testified he discovered more than 60 drawings of Slender Man in the girl's bedroom. Many of the sketches included notes such as "not safe even in your house" and 'he is here always.' One drawing depicted a girl lying on the ground and a person standing over her with the message 'I love killing people' written over the figure."
  • Here, I pointed you to a review I wrote of Matthew Weber's A Dark and Winding Road for Ginger Nuts of Horror and reviewed the movie I, Frankenstein.
(Illustration by Earl Geier from Call of Cthulhu's At Your Door supplement.)

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