Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Links: Pyramids, Werewolves, and Worms in Your FEET

Click the links, read the stories, fill your mind with information.  It's Friday!

  • Terrorphoria reviewed The Pyramid: "The Pyramid, (because it needs a definite article so you don't mistakenly expect Donny Osmond forcing Anubis to guess a subject in a category based on vague clues), is a found footage horror film about a group of poorly characterized victims exploring a pyramid. There's a father/daughter archaeologist team whose "Luddite/TechnoGeek" conflict feels more artificial than the lead paint chips the writers ate as kids. This "conflict" is further stressed by the fact that she's dating adult Will Robinson from Lost In Space."
  • At Ginger Nuts of Horror, Jim interviewed Grégory Levasseur about his work on The Pyramid: "The lighting was very important, I didn’t want this to be one of those kind of movies that had the lights around the next corner, or at the end of the corridor. I wanted to have my characters carrying the light, and we all thought it was important to have the light just where the character moves, instead of lighting the whole of the set."
  • The indispensable R'lyeh Tribune described a different kind of story from a familiar writer: "Not all of Henry S. Whitehead’s stories are set on the islands of the West Indies, or deal with outbreaks of Voodoo threatening upper crust white society.  One of his odder tales, No Eye-Witnesses, takes place in New York City, in Brooklyn to be specific."
  • Simon Bestwick talked about Black Static #43 with a special emphasis on the issue of  H.P. Lovecraft being the face of the World Fantasy Award: "I saw Daniel Older's petition to remove HPL's likeness from the award, and a counter-petition to keep it. I didn't sign the petition demanding HPL's removal, not least because it described him as a 'terrible wordsmith', which is PC asshattery of the worst kind - 'he was a racist, so he must be a bad writer!' But I wasn't signing the one to keep him, either, since that descended into a cretinous anti-feminist rant that like the flowers that bloom in the spring, (tra-la) had nothing to do with the case."
  • Midnight Horrors reviewed the film The Town that Dreaded Sundown: "Finding out that the film was low budget so it could have the same filming style as the first made me like TTTDS even more. Though I have not seen the original I can see from the latest version that the original is a classic serial killer film."
  • In Melbourne, Australia, a man had a worm in his foot.  For years: "Doctors in Melbourne found the African guinea worm, which was in two pieces and thought to have eventually died, when the man visited them due to an abscess on his foot."
  • iHorror interviewed Caroline Knorr of Common Sense Media about kids and the horror genre: "As a parent, it is difficult to let young children make their own choices and in most cases a good parent won’t. But when it comes to horror movies, it might surprise you to know that letting your child come to you about watching one is the best way to gauge if he or she is ready or not."
  • On this site, I reviewed Nightbreed: The Director's Cut, and I talked about the lack of God in the horror genre.
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