Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Links: The Horror Before Christmas

We're coming up on the last weekend before Christmas, and in-between last-minute shopping and family arguments, try to find the time to click these links:

  • Jeff at Terrorphoria had some exciting news about his future writing plans: "Ben and I have had lots of conversations about the kind of work/writing/art we both want to do and it's important to both of us to not just hang our hats on talking about other people's stuff, but create some art of our own."
  • At HorrorNews.Net, Corey reviewed the film Asylum: "When all was said and done, After Dark realized they had made a HUGE mistake and the film they were given was garbage. In a desperate attempt to try and salvage their investment, they bring back Chris Mancini. He was given a small chunk of change to come in and try to assemble something watchable. So what did he do exactly? Did he succeed? The answer to these burning questions lies below, so sit back and read on."
  • Jim at Ginger Nuts of Horror got an interview with horror legend Graham Masterton: "Readers like to be surprised.  They enjoy being challenged and I think sometimes they even like to be annoyed by what they are reading.  All I try to do is keep them entertained and make sure (at least for the course of the book)  their disbelief is suspended."
  • Sean Eaton's always-excellent R'lyeh Tribune took us on an outer space voyage to Edmond Hamilton's imagination: "There is a Supreme Council of the League of Planets—only eight were known at the time—that seems unencumbered by a congress or a supreme court.  It is composed largely of scientists, engineers and rocket pilots who rule presumably on the basis of their technical expertise.  The future human race is interesting linguistically; like the hero Jan Tor, everyone has monosyllabic first and last names.  Extraterrestrial biology is somewhat preposterous—the globe men resemble enormous, multi-legged M&Ms, (plain, not peanut).  Nevertheless, the head alien works at a desk, and sketches designs for battle cruisers on good old paper."
  • At The Horror Club, you can take a look at the eyes of horror...if you dare.
  • Wag the Fox interviewed horror author Kelli Owen: "I grew up in northern Wisconsin. We didn’t have a whole lot of folklore there, just, you know, serial killers and cannibals. In second grade I used to make up stories, trying to create folklore I guess (like turning the creepy house on the block into a witch’s hiding place) to scare the other children. Eventually I found like-minded twisted little brats who also told stories, and by fifth grade we had a little circle of demented children scaring each other."
  • Here, I reviewed the movie Mercy.
Also, Obsidian Point has dropped the price of The Blessed Man and the Witch to $2.99!  It's the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys religious-themed horror thrillers about the end of the world.

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