Friday, September 19, 2014


Breadhead Friday's canceled this week, though next week's should be quite extraordinary.

Earlier this week, I volunteered to write a short YA horror novel based in and around the town of Dunedin, in Florida.  Some of the local teenagers will be featured as characters in the novel.  My intent is to have this written before Halloween, when the events of the novel take place.

It's proving to be a more difficult task than I originally considered, but I'm getting a handle on it.  I hope to have the outline done by the middle of next week.

My experience with YA literature is limited, so I've done a good bit of reading and research in the meantime.  Obviously, I can't use blue language the way I've done in The Blessed Man and the Witch, and certain horrific elements will have to be avoided.  Nevertheless, I won't talk down to the readers, and I'm writing a story that I hope will be gripping, exciting, and worth reading for everyone, regardless of age.

This will be available as a download free of charge once it's complete.

Got to get back to work.  As my little boy says, usually apropos of nothing at all, "Tick tock!"

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