Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Links: David Hochbaum, Kristy, and Satan Is Waitin'

The Friday Links, like me, are back and better than ever. Now that you've had a week to shake off the detritus of the holidays, let's look at what's been going on in the world of the macabre, the bizarre, the horrific.
  • Elisandre - L'Oeuvre au Noir brought us a number of bizarre, surreal images by David Hochbaum that must be looked at to be believed. NSFW but not pornographic.
  • At the invaluable R'lyeh Tribune, Sean Eaton brought us an analysis of the Robert E Howard story Rogues in the House: "There are no heroes, nor are there any victims, at least not innocent ones.  It is useless to summarize the plot, because each of the characters’ plans unravel, leaving only a couple survivors.  Although there is an evil priest and a mysterious palace, there is a conspicuous absence of incantations, occult paraphernalia or supernatural effects.  Instead there are numerous scenes of simple, brutish violence complicated by several of the “red priest’s” treacherous contraptions."  (Note also that Mr. Eaton is accepting guest posts for the Tribune, so you Lovecraft fans with something to say should submit your best analytical work.)
  • My good friend Holly Evans had some good news and cool photos to share.
  • Breakfast in the Ruins brought us an entertaining Top 20 First-Time Viewings list for 2015. An eclectic collection, it includes Shaw Brothers kung fu films, Euro-trash horror, and much more.
  • The hysterical Satan Is Waitin' was the subject of The Horrors of It All.
  • If you're a monsterkid like me, you'll appreciate what emerged from Zombos' Closet: Monster World Issue 1. Part Two is available here.
  • The Slaughtered Bird reviewed the movie Kristy: "Sure, this is another stalker/slasher film, and yeah, it’s a bit derivative, but it’s actually a really entertaining watch. There are great moments of genuine tension and catch-your-breath moments, and also a few jump scares thrown in for good measure. The acting done by the small cast is also what helps put Kristy above others of its kind."
  • In very good news, Nev Murray's winter break is coming to a close, and he'll be back to full-strength reviewing next week at Confessions of a Reviewer!!
  • Ghost Hunting Theories theorized that the gray aliens of song and story are actually of terrestrial origin: "I have come to believe alien greys were actually terrestrial people before our time, who evolved into a highly intelligent people and had to share this realm with us for a period of time when they were prepared to go to the next level of knowledge that takes us out of this limited world we still inhabit."
  • Jess Franco's She Killed in Ecstasy was analyzed in The House of Self-Indulgence: Of course, I'm not saying Soledad Miranda should be allowed to murder the scientists who fucked over her hunky scientist husband just because she looks like Soledad Miranda. No, what I am saying is that the scientists should be thankful that their final moments on planet earth are being spent straddling a half-naked Soledad Miranda. In other words, if you have to be murdered, wouldn't you want Soledad Miranda to be the one holding the knife that plunges deep into your worthless, improperly utilized genitals?"
  • Here, I talked about readers, writers, and Facebook; and reviewed the movie Sicario.
Illustration by Nick Smith from Call of Cthulhu's Masks of Nyarlathotep supplement.

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