Friday, September 12, 2014

Breadhead Friday: Who Put the Bab in Babka?

Babka straddles the line between yeast bread and coffee cake, and when done right can be the best of both worlds.  New Yorkers are lucky enough to be able to get them at the corner bakery, but those of us living outside the Big Apple usually have to make our own.  The first time I made a babka, using a Peter Reinhart recipe, it turned out okay, but wasn't anything to write home about.  I'd done it, checked that box, and moved on.

Dough rolled out and chocolate filling spread atop

Years later, I figured I'd try it again.  This time, it turned out a lot better.  The crumb was flaky and light, and the icing drizzle created a nice sweetness that contrasted with the bittersweet chocolate.

Rolled up, put into a Bundt pan, and baked

The process is a bit involved, requiring long risings and a bit of a challenge shaping, but if you've ever made a jelly roll or sticky buns, it shouldn't present much of a problem.

Blue and white icing

I don't know why I put a two-tone icing drizzle on it.

The crumb shot

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