Friday, June 27, 2014

Is Your Television Full of Ghosts?

Well, according to Stefan Andiopolous' book Ghostly Apparitions, no.  It's not.  But it was intended to be a medium.  A spirit medium.

BLDGBLOG discusses the book in an article titled, An Occult History of the Television Set, and writes:

So, while the television itself—the object you and I most likely know as the utterly mundane fixture of family distraction sitting centrally ensconced in a nearby living room—might not be a supernatural mechanism, it nonetheless descends from a strange and convoluted line of esoteric experimentation, including early attempts at controlling electromagnetic transmissions, directing radio waves, and even experiencing various forms of so-called "remote viewing." 

Read the whole thing to get an interesting glimpse into early attempts to explain or display the universe through electronic means.  This includes the hidden universe: so-called spirits, ghosts, the dead, etc.

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